About Us
About Our Business

AVIA has provided quality, service oriented aircraft ferry services  since 1999.  
Over the years we have developed long lasting relationships with many of our
vendors and client companies.  

Through our experience and relationships, we have increased efficiency and
cut down  costs.  Our volume of business  provides price breaks for such
things as flight planning and fuel which we pass on to our customers.

We very much enjoy working in this side of the aircraft business and greatly
appreciate the companies that trust us with their assets.  We continually strive
to provide the most safe and cost efficient aircraft ferry possible.

AVIA was started by Laura and Bob Allen.  Laura's experience as an aircraft
portfolio manager at a major leasing company combined with Bob's
experience as a Captain on several aircraft types
(A320, B737, B727, B757,
B767, MD80, MD11)
provided a unique opportunity to develop a company with
it's foundation firmly built on an understanding of business and technical